Welcome to Robert’s Private Coaching program.

Private Coaching is for those artists/students working on their independent projects and looking for guidance as they progress through the creative process. Guidance can range from compositional help, color theory, reference material, framing, to pretty much anything to do with creating art.

How does it work?

After being approved you will sign up for either 2, 4 or 6 monthly check-ins with Robert. When you are ready for a check-in, a question about your current project, you will email an image of your current drawing or painting to Robert along with your question. Robert will respond through the coaching portal within 24-48 hours; the response will depend on the question. It may be a simple written response, an adjusted image of your art showing the changes that he suggests, a mock-up of a different composition, or even a short video demonstrating a technique. After Robert posts his response, you will be able to follow up with one additional question for that particular check-in. When you are ready to check in again, send a new progress image along with your new question, and Robert will create a new check-in in the coaching portal with his new response.

The Private Coaching Program is a monthly subscription that renews each month on the date you originally signed up. Robert has created three levels of coaching check-ins, 2, 4, or 6 check-ins a month. The check-ins do not roll over into the next month, and no refunds are given for missed check-ins. When you are ready to take a break, you may cancel your subscription at any point by visiting the “Manage Subscriptions” in your student account.

Please fill out the form below to get started, an email will be sent to you once you have been approved into the Private Coaching program.

Before we get started...

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