Certificate of Completion

As I mentioned in the Course Structure section, this course is equivalent to a second-year 200-level college semester course. After completing each of the five sections of Basic Color Theory, I believe you should receive recognition for the time, effort, dedication, and patience you demonstrated while completing this intensive course.

At the end of each section in the “Conclusion,” I instruct you on what you need to do to send me your finished work for that section. Once you have completed each section and I have received your completed exercises and still life paintings from each section, you will be rewarded with a Certificate of Completion for that section of the Basic Color Theory course. It is a digital certificate you can print at home, and each certificate has a serial number linked to my art academy.

Because I have the honor of being named an Associate Living Master with the Art Renewal Center, an organization promoting skills-based training, standards, and excellence in visual arts, all of my courses and instruction are ARC approved.

Art Renewal Center

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