These materials are required for new painting students and those students progressing from drawing to painting. Color theory requires specific colors, please do not substitute any of these colors.

Theses materials can easily be ordered from Blick Art Materials and are usually delivered to your front door in about a week's time if everything is in stock. Robert's suggestion is to give the order two weeks for delivery. If you choose to buy your materials at a local art store, please make sure to not buy any colors that have the word "hue" in the them. Colors containing the word "hue" are not true colors and do not give us the same results that we require for color theory. 

It is highly recommended to buy the specific brand of materials so that you have the same results in your studio that Robert has in his. These paints, Gamblin Artist Colors, are artist grade and of high quality.

The brushes however on the list are not the brushes that Robert uses. Robert uses sable brushes which can get very expensive, you can visit Roberts's brush list in the Art Materials section. These are great introductory brushes to get you started with oil painting.

If you have any questions about the painting materials, please contact the studio at [email protected]


(As a new student you MUST have everything listed on this list)

  • Oil Paint, Gamblin Artist's Colors
  • Quinacridone Red (Cool Red)
  • Cadmium Red Light (Warm Red)
  • Cadmium Yellow Medium (Warm Yellow)
  • Cadmium Lemon (Cool Yellow)
  • Cerulean Blue (Warm Blue)
  • Ultramarine Blue (Cool Blue)
  • Titanium White
  • Ivory Black
  • Brushes 
  • #2 and #6 round #4
  • #6 and #8 flat
  • Brush cleaning tank
  • Brush cleaning solution (odorless mineral spirits)
  • Painting palette, disposable paper palette
  • Palette knife
  • (6) 9 x 12 canvas panels

Also required but you may have these in your studio already:

  • Disposable plastic bathroom cups, NOT PAPER!
  • Paper towels
  • 12” aluminum ruler
  • Pencil
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Compass
Oil painting materials can be purchased directly from Blick art materials

This materials list can be found and purchased online at:

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