Using Zoom Meeting Rooms

I use Zoom Meeting Rooms. If you have not used Zoom before, you must download the app before the course starts and set up your account.

Download the Zoom Client for Meetings app/program.

Devices to use

Computer, tablet, cell phone, devices to use while taking a course at RL Caldwell Studio

You will most likely need two devices to attend your course/studio. The first will be used to attend the class using Zoom; I highly suggest using a computer for this. The second device is for you to use for the reference material that you will download before each lesson. If you have a tablet, that would work perfectly. You can also print the reference materials if you wish although you will want to print them on photo paper. The last option is to use your cellphone.

The main device that you use with Zoom must have a webcam, speakers, and a microphone so you can participate in class.

Your internet connection

Make sure you have a reliable internet connection. Before you register for a course, you can perform a speed test from your computer to see if you have enough bandwidth to participate. At the very least, you need 5 Mbps for your download and upload speed (10 Mbps or higher is best). To run a speed test, type “Speed test” into your browser and click the “Run Speed Test” link.

Use of your cell phone

cell phone, use it to take a picture of your work to send to artist Robert Louis Caldwell

You will need your cellphone so that you can email me a picture of your drawing or painting so that I can share it on the screen to discuss possible difficulties you might be experiencing. Because of the format of this course, all discussions/critiques are on the screen and the entire class can see the drawing or painting that is being discussed. Everyone in the class learns from one another’s questions. Please note, artwork cannot be properly reviewed through your webcam.