Sketch/Draw Courses

These courses are a great starting point for a new artist or for the artist who simply wants to practice rendering three-dimensional forms onto a two-dimensional surface.

Although we want to create a recognizable image on our paper, these courses focus on skill. It is Robert’s intention to help you see like an artist, to see points in space, line, shape and then form. We often get caught up in all of the details in the subject that we are attempting to draw. The curtain of detail needs to be pulled back so we can see the large shapes of the object we are trying to draw and then break those large shapes into smaller shapes and those into even smaller shapes, working from general to specific.

Once a student can train their brain to see through the details and to start with the large shapes, the process of rendering a subject on paper becomes very enjoyable.

To help understand this thought process of “pulling back the curtain of detail,” Robert has created a video that visually breaks down how he captured the form of a dog laying on a sofa. Learn more and view the video.

Before Robert creates one of his detailed drawings, he starts off with a sketch where he works out all of the issues of finding the subject within the paper. Once satisfied with the sketch, he transfers it to a new drawing surface to create his detailed drawing.