I believe I have honed my videoing editing skills a bit more with the release of my recorded online course for Basic Perspective.

In this foundational course, I walk students through the basic concepts of perspective, discussing the importance of the horizon line, vanishing points, and perspective lines. Then how can we use them in one-point and two-point perspective. The last exercise in this course is fun because we create a street scene without using a reference completely using two-point perspective.

We may not need to use perspective as dramatically as we do in the exercise for this course, but we need to be aware of perspective issues in our drawings and paintings. This course gives you the ability to spot potential issues in your work.

The recorded version allows learning at your own pace, starting and stopping the video as needed and you can ask a question in the comment section of the lesson that I will of course, answer.

Learn more by visiting the Basic Perspective course.

Completed final exersise drawn by an adult studnet.