Drawing Courses

I strongly believe that the ability to draw is essential to become a skillful and confident artist. It’s not only the ability to render a three-dimensional subject onto a two-dimensional surface but, more importantly, understanding and having the ability to create value. Establishing a good tonal contrast in a drawing or painting is essential to communicate the desired intent of the artist to his/her viewers of the work. It is not the subject, color, frame, or even the artist’s name that grabs a person’s attention from across the gallery/museum, it is the contrast of values.

I use in my personal work and instruction the layering technique of applying the different pencil grades to achieve that desired contrast of values through solid tonal masses. Achieving this level of detail does take a great deal of time but the reward is your finished beautiful drawing. For more information about this process, read Robert’s drawing approach.

If you are more interested in simply sketching, visit the Sketch/Draw Courses on the Online Courses page.

Drawing courses that I am currently creating and will be offering as soon as they become available. 

  • Drawing fundamentals, 8-10 week course
  • This course focuses on the importance of value, seeing simple shapes, and materials handling.
  • Drawing 1, 8-10 week course
  • Build on the fundamentals and continue to grow confidence in your ability to render the illusion of a three-dimensional form on a two-dimensional surface.
  • Drawing 2, 8-10 week course
  • This is an introduction to creating textures in your drawings.
  • Draw/sketch courses, 3-hour course
  • The sole purpose of these courses is to train your eye to see the simple shapes in the objects we are trying to draw. These are great practice sessions, and the subjects range in different levels of difficulty from course to course.
  • Basic perspective, 3-hour course
  • This course covers the very basics of perspective, horizon line, and vanishing point(s) and how they relate to one-point and two-point perspective.